The Louisiana Outdoor Expo Boat Show is a great places to see an incredible variety of new boats in one convenient location. It’s a lot of fun and offers a great opportunity to learn about the latest boats and boating gear.

The Louisiana Outdoor Expo Boat Show is a major opportunity for dealers to make big sales and market their brand-name and products. Competition between dealers can be fierce at boat shows, leaving many opportunities for the savvy buyer to get a great deal on a new boat. Buying at a boat show isn’t always a home run and you should go in with plenty of research to avoid buying on an impulse. Factory reps for the key brands will be at the show to answer all of your questions and talk about factroy incentives that may be going on.

It’s a great opportunity for you the buyer to shop a large number of boats in one place. At the Louisiana Outdoor Expo Boat Show we will have upwards of 250 different boats on display from the top dealers in the area with a value over $15 million.

There are often special “show-only” deals at exhibitions and are unavailable any other time. Dealers use a lot of resources to be at the boat show and might be more willing to negotiate on price or offer incentives like better financing plans or warranties to close the sale.

You can climb into the boats to get an in-person experience of being aboard. Bring your family with you and allow them to explore the boats you’re interested in and get their input.

We hope to see you there.