Jason Reynolds will feature his high-flying dogs that will be jumping into his 41-foot-long bass tank.

The show invites audience participation, particularly children who help mark the longest jumps — and might get a little wet in the process.

“Basically, what we do is a family fun program,” Jason said. “We talk a little about obedience, then a little about dog training, and I mix it with fun and games and some dog tricks. And the ultimate of the show is when I have the dogs jump in the fish tank.

“This is not just dog training — this is entertainment. This is something the whole family can relate to and the kids love it.”

But this show isn’t all about dog jumping: the 4,000-gallon tank also is stocked with many different types of fish and is used to demonstrate fishing tactics.

“It’s a home run,” Jason said of the combined dog and fishing shows.