Once in a lifetime

On December 30th I was hunting in Wilkinson County Mississippi over the Buffalo River. I was the only person to wake up that morning to hunt due to everyone staying up late the night before. This buck was almost taken 2 evenings before, but he missed.

At 6:45 AM the buck came out of the woods to my left and began crossing the river moving almost directly away from me and not presenting a clean shot. Once he reach the other side of the river he briefly paused and turned to the right giving me a shot, which I took. He darted out of site towards my left and I questioned myself and whether I made the shot. I waited the longest 5 minutes of my life and then exited the box stand and walked to the edge of the river to look around the trees blocking my view, only to see him lying on the beach about 30 yards from where he was shot.

Keith M Richard