Early Morning

I had my little cousin and my girlfriend going on a duck hunt in Spring Bayou in Marksville, Louisiana. We were under this big, wide cypress tree in the middle of the lake in our boat, hoping for a good morning. Before we even saw a duck, I noticed how gorgeous the sunrise was and decided to appreciate it and take a picture. It’s one of the most beautiful mornings I’ve had there.

We then saw a couple of wood ducks, but none came close enough to shoot. After a little while, two green-winged teal came diving in from the west and landed in the decoys on each side. We only got one out of the two. A little later, two spoonbills came into the decoys on the left side, and we also only got one of them.

After some time, almost eight gadwalls started circling and looking like they wanted the spread. So, I started calling to them, doing some quacks and feed chuckle. They seemed to really like it but wouldn’t fully commit. They would come down cupped up, acting like they were going to land in the decoys, but then would slowly pick up without flair, and then just make another circle and do the same thing for a few minutes. We didn’t get any of the gadwalls, but it was pretty to watch and experience. Overall, it was a good hunt.