Deer in Velvet

This monster was GOT! Opening day of velvet season in Columbia, MS. September 15, 2023 afternoon hunt with hot temps and a shifting wind. all signs pointed to an unsuccessful day but then he walked […]

Crappie/Bream Gallery

Pop and Knuckle head

Myself, Wade Martin, and my 3 yr old grandson, Rhett fields , who I call knuckle head, crappie fishing at bay springs lake in Prentiss and Tishomingo counties.

Deer Gallery

Daughter’s First time out!

She finally decided she wanted to try her hand at it….. and this happened. 147 yards on him while he was walking. Perfect shot, couldn’t have been prouder.

Bass Gallery

Holt’s biggest bass

This is my son Holt’s personal best bass. He is 6 years old and caught this bass in a lake near our home in central Mississippi. Bass weighed in right at 8lbs.