Fishing Gallery

The Reason I Bought a Boat

I am a single mom of an amazing 9 year old boy and aspiring outdoorsmen. Although he is involved in several sports, he is a Louisiana Sportsman at heart. He loves to fish! So much […]

Crappie/Bream Gallery

Fishing with Mom

My name is Ethan, I am 9 years old, and I love to fish! My mom lets me keep some fishing poles and gear in the car at all times in case I want to […]

Fishing Gallery

Avril’s big red.

We live In Delcambre Louisiana, and her Pawpaw took her, her brother and two cousins to the Bayou Carlin boat launch to fish from the docks. He put a piece of shrimp on her hook […]

Fishing Gallery

Pawpaw I got a big one.

Fishing at Delcambre’s Bayou Carlin boat lauch. Her brother and two cousins were fishing with shrimp and she hooked the 43 inch red and about 28 lbs. She was so excited; I got a big […]

Hunting Gallery

Rabbit Stew

just a pic of a big rabbit I shot working my dogs

Bass Gallery


My daughter and I went fishing in early fall and we was just using some live bait and I decided to throw an old crawfish bait when I hooked up on this bass.

Fishing Gallery

Leapords of the marsh

This redfish with multiple spots along with bass on the same canal was caught by Frank Williams in Lafitte in October using a white chatterbait with a Z-man trailer.

Duck Gallery

Pitbull retriever

This photo was taken on the first weekend of the 2023 duck season. My fiancé trained our newest member to our retriever team and he is doing great! We love to share his story from […]